Welcome to the
2017 Annual APEEN Conference

The meeting will be held from May 9th 2017 at ISCTE - Instituto Universitário de Lisboa, Portugal.

See the programme here  

time session speaker room
09:15 Registration    
09:45 Opening Ceremony    
10:00 Session I | Technical and Social Innovation: New Energy Business Models

Chair: Catarina Roseta-Palma ISCTE-IUL

Lígia Pinto, Marieta Valente, Anabela Botelho, Lina Lourenço-Gomes and Sara Sousa
  Social acceptability and intensity of renewable energy sources

Nuno Bento, Charlie Wilson and Lauda Diaz Anadon
  Time to get ready: Conceptualizing the temporal and the spatial dynamics of formative phases for energy technologies

Mara Madaleno, Marta Ferreira Dias, Margarita Robaina and Mónica Meireles
  Eco-innovation, innovation and firm performance: are proactive environmental firms more profitable?

Keynote Speaker
Tobias Romberg Next Kraftwerke
J. J. Laginha
11:45  Coffee-Break    
12:00 Session II | Energy Markets: Beyond Liberalization

Chair: Isabel Soares FEP–UP

João Pedro Pereira, Vasco Pesquita and Paulo M. M. Rodrigues
  The effect of hydro and wind generation on the mean and volatility of electricity prices in Spain

Luís Lucas and Mónica Meireles
  Impact of renewable energies on the electricity price in Portugal

Rita Sousa and Antonio G. Gómez-Plana
  International trade in renewable energy with cooperation mechanisms: a CGE analysis

Keynote Speaker
Pedro Neves Ferreira EDP
J. J. Laginha
13:30  Lunch    
14:45 Session III | The Eternal Return of Energy Planning
Chair: Maria José Clara REN
Keynote Speaker
Víctor Baptista REN
J. J. Laginha
15:15 Session IV | Decarbonization: An American in Paris
Chair: Mónica Meireles ISCTE-IUL
Keynote Speaker
Tiago Domingos IST – UL
J. J. Laginha
15:45 Parallel Session I | Planning Renewables and Efficiency

Chair: Maria José Clara REN

Subhash Kumar and Reinhard Madlener
  Energy Efficiency and Renewables for Energy Security and Environmental Emission Mitigation in Central Europe

Alberto J. Lamadrid, Daniel Munoz-Alvarez, Ray D. Zimmerman and Carlos Murillo-Sanchez
  Optimal Scheduling of Resources for Electricity Markets with High Penetration of Renewables

Victor Moutinho, Mara Madaleno, Margarita Robaina and José Villar
  Eco-efficiency of German and French cities - a DEA approach

J. J. Laginha
15:45 Parallel Session II | Energy and Exergy

Chairs: Margarita Robaina UA and Jorge Sousa ISEL

Laura Felício, S. Henriques, A. Serrenho and T. Sousa
  Portuguese societal exergy accounting for some benchmark years: the importance of detail in electricity consumption

João Santos, Tiago Domingos, Tânia Sousa and André Serrenho
  National accounts with a broader energy sector

Juliana Barbosa, Rui Sebastian and Sofia G. Simoes
  Evaluating and mapping the energy efficiency potential in the building sector of Almada Municipality

Mário Murteira
15:45 Parallel Session III | Electric Vehicles

Chairs: Mónica Meireles ISCTE-IUL and Mara Madaleno UA

Daniel Magueta, Mara Madaleno, Marta Ferreira Dias and Mónica Meireles
  Fiscal Policies to promote new passenger electric vehicles in Portugal: are they environmental effective?

António Cardoso Marques, José Alberto Fuinhas and Ana Rocha
  Drivers to promote adoption of Electric Vehicles – a panel approach

Guilherme Távora, J.A. Silva and Sandro Mendonça
  The role of renewable energy and electric vehicles in the electric batteries evolution: A global assessment through the lens of patents as an innovation indicator

Caiano Pereira
16:45  Coffee Break    
17:00 Special Session | APEEN/PORDATA: Energy Economics and Carbon Indicators
Chair: Marta Ferreira Dias UA
Keynote Speakers
Júlia Seixas FCT – UNL
Bernardo Gaivão PORDATA
J. J. Laginha
18:00 Closing Ceremony and Farewell Reception